Apple VS Samsung has been a common and well known case; “case study” seems to be a better word as it has been a part of academic literatures now. Ongoing war of patent case between two giants, Samsung Electronics Ltd and Apple Inc. is expected to end soon. The jury of eight members recently has announced that Samsung has violated the patent laws with respect to two Apple patents.  On the other hand jury also announced that Apple has been found guilty of using Samsung’s patents illegally to build iPhone 4 & 5.

The panel announced that Apple will pay USD 158,400 to Samsung for the damages. The amount is low enough considering Samsung’s claim of USD 6 million. On the other hand gain it is interesting to note down that the penalty on Samsung is around 5.4% only which was claimed by Apple. Apple had claimed USD 2 million. After the statement by jury, lawyers of Apple pointed out some potential errors which were expected to be rechecked by the Jury. It is expected that Apple might receive a better amount than earlier.

Samsung was accused by Apple Inc. for violating five of its software patents Including slide-to-unlock feature, automatic spelling correction facility, background data syncing ,universal search patentand phone number dialing option via email or webpage. In return Samsung had substantial argument that four features except for slide-to-unlock were licensed from Google Inc. Android operating system.  Apple claimed USD 40 for every unit of mobile sold in United States which was infringed.

On 2ndMay, 2014 the jury ruled that Samsung infringed slide-to-unlock and quick-linking patents of Apple Inc.For violation of Apple’s quick-link patent, Samsung needed to pay USD 99 million. On the other hand Apple would be paying damages of up to USD 158,400 for infringing patent of its old rival. Overall the legal entities have taken substantial move to provide justice but in future will this rivalry be molded to neutralism or will continue to grow is still a question, and for sure will remain a question!