Q Mobile, the most popular smart phone brand of Pakistan has brought variation to its product line by adding highly affordable Q tablets. Recently Q mobile launched four different models of tablets named as Q100 Q tab, Q 800 Q tab, Q 300 Q tab and X50  Q Tablet. All these tabs vary in different manners.    

Q100 Q Tab Features

This model Q100 has Android 4.2 jelly beans operating system and had option of dual SIM. The processor installed is 1.3GHz dual core. This model has 512 MB RAM. The resolution of the camera is 2 mega pixels.   

Q 800 Q Tab Features`

This model Q800 has Android 4.2 jelly beans operating system too. Just like the previous model, Q800 also has dual SIM option. The processor installed in Q800 is 1.3GHz dual core. Q 800 tablet has 1GB RAM installed in and is capable of being supported by 32 GB SD card. Talking about the camera resolution, rear camera resolution is 5 mega pixel and front camera resolution is 2 mega pixel.  

Q 300 Q Tab Features

Talking about the specifications of model Q 300 tab all the features of Q 300 is same as of Q 800. The only difference one can find in is of display and size.  Q 300 has Android 4.2 jelly beans OS, 1.3GHz dual core processor, 1 GB RAM, and is capable of being supported by 32 GB SD card.

X50 Q Tablet Features

X 50 Q tablet shares the same OS and RAM specification. The main difference from other Q tablets is that it offers only single SIM slot to users. As far the processor is concerned it uses 1.2 GHz Quad Core processors which make it a better option in terms of speed.

All the models have different prices and sizes and one can choose according to the affordability and ability to carry it.