Tablet PCs are the new thing in the IT scenario of Pakistan. People earlier were crazy to PCs, then to laptops and now it is Tablet PC’s turn. Pakistan has generally been a trend following country and that is why today we can find plenty of wannabe with tablets. Statistics might not be too impressive for a metro city Karachi due to safety reasons but undoubtedly Pakistan as a whole is a huge market for Tablet PCs.

A little time back people of Pakistan were unaware of tablets but now there are plenty of choices to choose from. And that is actually tricky. The interesting news is the high selling smart phone brand Q mobile has launched his tablet PC too with affordable prices. Isn’t it getting more difficult to choose from so many options? Some of the most famous brands which available in market are Apple, Samsung, Sony, iPad, Amazon Kindle, Google Nexus, Xpod, Ainol Nova, Asus Memo andDany Genius. Certainly there are plenty of more brands available in the market which can easily be search by Google.

 Though on one hand making a selection of tablec PC might be hard but on the other hand plenty of options have given a benefit of affordability too. Talking about Q tablets, they are available in four different models which areX50, Q100, Q300 and Q800. All the four models have different specifications and different prices enabling the masses of Pakistan to choose the best one according to their pockets. More information on specifications and prices of Q Tablets will updated later in the same section so that readers can check out further details.