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Samsung GALAXY S4 mini Black Edition

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Quick Overview

Network / Connection to the operator and the wireless network

  • Infrared

    LTE 4G

  • 2G

    GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1 800/1 900 MHz)

  • 4G

    LTE Cat 3 (800/850/900/1 800/2 100/2 600 MHz) * Depends on the country

  • 3G

    HSPA + (850/900/1 900/2 100 MHz)

  • Wi-Fi

    802.11a / b / g / n

  • Wi-Fi Direct

    Yes I Am

  • Bluetooth Profiles


  • NFC

    Yes I Am

  • Supports auto-connect to wireless networks


  • Synchronization with PC


Operating system

  • Operating system

    Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)


Compact size: practicality and comfort

Компактный размер: практичность и комфорт
Attractive Samsung GALAXY S4 mini has almost all the features of the flagship smartphone Samsung GALAXY S4 with its compact size, due to which it is very easy to carry and operate it with one hand. High-quality carbon-fiber body, presented in a variety of colors to satisfy any user. Brighter display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches ensure a clean and clear image.

Opportunities due to its high performance

Широкие возможности благодаря высокой производительности
Smartphone Samsung GALAXY S4 mini will help you in any situation.Whatever happens, with this smartphone you'll be able to quickly and easily solve almost any problem and all this because of its technical capabilities.Updated processor, an impressive amount of memory, high-definition cameras and a variety of connectivity options will give you confidence and turn a routine in an interesting adventure.

Appendix S Travel: Pocket Travel Guide

Приложение S Travel: Карманный туристический гид
With the application S Travel you can get advice and information for any tourist trip: geographic data, interesting sights, information about restaurants, cafes and other important places - now it's all in your smartphone. The default application in the mother tongue equipped with easy to use features and smart services. Make your life more interesting thanks to the personal assistant who will always help, wherever you may be.

Appendix Group Play: Share the fun with your friends

Приложение Group Play: Поделитесь радостью с друзьями
You can always contact with your friends and share your impressions, even if you do not have access to Wi-Fi network. Group Play application installed on all devices Series Samsung GALAXY, it allows you to communicate with several friends, create photo collages and playing games involving several participants.

Appendix S Health (* downloaded from the app store Samsung Apps) to monitor your health

Приложенеи S Health (*загружается из магазина приложений Samsung Apps) для мониторинга вашего здоровья
Appendix S Health will monitor the state of your health and keep it in top shape. To check the status of your health, you can download this app from the app store Samsung Apps. Use the "Journal of Nutrition" you can see the number of calories consumed or monitor physical activity using an optional accessory bracelet S Band. S Health app serves as your trainer and offers useful information to maintain your health at the proper level * The "comfort level" is not supported. The "coach walking" is also supported with accessory, bracelet S Band

Function Samsung HomeSync and Samsung Link: Quick and easy synchronization of file sharing

Функция Samsung HomeSync и Samsung Link: Быстрая синхронизация и простой обмен файлами
With the application Samsung HomeSync you can remotely easily store your content in a big store, not thinking about the lack of space there, and your data total security and constant personal availability. App Samsung Link creates a direct connection with mobile devices Samsung. You can share content with friends and family by sending your content on their mobile devices.