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Sony Xperia M Dual

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Xperia™ M dual
Experience a touch of magic

Xperia M dual - the new Sony smartphone with one-touch functions

Discover the magic touch to share

Handle calls on both SIM cards
Dual SIM smartphones come with many advantages. They allow you to separate work from play – and handle your calls more cost-efficiently. With our new dual SIM feature, you can keep both SIM cards active at all times – meaning that you can talk on one SIM, and still receive calls on the other, instead of going to voicemail. This gives you the option of putting the first call on hold while answering the one coming in. And as a result, you’ll never miss a call.

From smartphone to speaker
Can’t wait to set the night in motion? Thanks to the magic of one-touch technology, you can easily play music on your Xperia NFC phone through a wireless NFC-enabled Sony Bluetooth speaker. Just tap the back of your Xperia M dual against the speaker’s NFC antenna and the music is played out loud.
It’s easy to watch content from your Sony Xperia M dual NFC phone on the big screen.
From smartphone to big screen
One-touch mirroring with NFC technology also lets you enjoy content from your smartphone on your TV. Just touch your NFC phone to your BRAVIA® remote control to enjoy photos, games or movies on the big screen.

Camera and video
5 megapixel camera with LED flash and Auto focus
4x digital zoom
Face detection
Front-facing camera for video calls
HD video recording (720p), up to 30 frames per second
Quick Launch
Red-eye reduction
Sweep Panorama
Touch focus
Connectivity and communication
3.5 mm audio jack (CTIA)
Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
DLNA Certified
Media Go
Native USB tethering
PC Companion
Screen mirroring
Synchronisation via Exchange ActiveSync, Google Sync and Facebook
USB High speed 2.0 and Micro USB support
Xperia Link
Wi-Fi and WiFi Hotspot functionality
PlayStation Certified
Sony Entertainment Network (selected markets only)
Motions gaming
Video streaming
3D games
FM Radio with RDS
Audio playback, supported formats: MP3, 3GPP, MP4, SMF, WAV, OTA, Ogg vorbis
Audio recording, supported formats: 3GPP, MP4, AMR
Pre-loaded applications
Google Play*
Google Chrome*
Google Voice Search*
Google Maps for Mobile with Street view and Latitude*
Flash memory: Up to 4 GB
Expansion slot: microSD card, up to 32 GB
UMTS HSPA+ 900 (Band VIII), 2100 (Band I) MHz (not available in all markets)
UMTS HSPA+ 850 (Band V), 1900 (Band II), 1700 (Band IV), 2100 (Band I) MHz (not available in all markets)
GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
Display and design
4", 16 million colours, 854 x 480 pixels
Capacitive touchscreen with on-screen QWERTY keyboard


One-touch functions from Sony Sharing with friends and connecting your world has never been easier. Based on NFC (near field communication), our one-touch functions connect one device to another in a single tap. No wires, cables, or fiddling with settings necessary. With One-touch mirroring you can mirror what’s on your Android smartphone to your TV in a single touch. One-touch mirroring See photos from your phone on your TV. Simply touch your Bluetooth smartphone to the remote from your BRAVIA® TV to activate screen mirroring. Simply back up your pictures on your Xperia smartphone with Sony's One-touch backup feature. One-touch backup Whether you take pictures on your Xperia smartphone, tablet or camera, now you can store them in the same place. The Sony Personal Content Station™ is a wireless hub for photos and videos. Go from phone to speaker in a single touch with your NFC Android smartphone from Sony. One-touch listening Play the music on your smartphone through a Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones. Simply tap your smartphone on the speaker’s NFC antenna to stream music. This NFC-enabled Android smartphone from Sony lets you share photos, movies and games in a single touch. One-touch sharing Share photos, music and more between two phones, or between your phone and an NFC-enabled laptop with a single touch onto the other device. From your smartphone to the big screen Want to share your memories on the big screen? Or go from headphones to speakers? “Throw” content from your Bluetooth smartphone to your Wi-Fi-enabled TV through screen mirroring or DLNA, or send your tunes to a speaker via Bluetooth. Using “Throw”, a smart application integrated into your Xperia apps, your smartphone finds the best way to wirelessly connect to other devices. Smart Connect lets you manage all your smart accessories so that your phone can do even more. Smart Connect Make your life simpler by setting up how your smartphone behaves when it connects to other devices. Open your music player when you connect your headphones, organise your Sony Android SmartWatch, or activate your alarm clock when your phone touches the charging dock. Smart Connect is the software that lets you manage all your smart accessories. Learn more about Smart Connect SmartTags Open Google maps automatically when you get in the car. Set your phone to vibrate mode at the office. Start your favourite playlist when you come home. NFC-enabled SmartTags trigger an action on your phone with a single touch. Impressive viewing Those amazing moments you’ve captured. Your favourite sitcoms. Or that music video you love watching again and again. This Bluetooth smartphone comes with a bright 4” high quality display that’s perfectly sized for immersive entertainment – all without being bulky. Enjoy a 4” high quality display with the Xperia M dual Bluetooth smartphone from Sony Quality craftsmanship From the aluminium power button to the premium glass screen, Xperia M dual combines an array of carefully selected design details, held together by an innovative skeleton frame. Created with Sony OmniBalance design, this slim smartphone is especially crafted with symmetry in mind. OmniBalance design means this Bluetooth smartphone from Sony has been created with symmetry in mind. Aluminium power button OmniBalance design means this Bluetooth smartphone from Sony has been created with symmetry in mind. Illuminated alerts OmniBalance design means this Bluetooth smartphone from Sony has been created with symmetry in mind. Highlighted camera ring More you, more unique Designed with customisable illuminations, your Xperia M dual becomes even more unique. It will notify you of incoming calls, Facebook updates and more. Just another way that this Bluetooth smartphone makes your personality shine through. Every image beautifully captured in HD Built with the same modules as leading Sony cameras, Xperia M dual comes with a 5 megapixel camera that lets you record in HD. It’s also designed with Auto Focus, a dedicated camera key that can shoot from a locked screen, plus a fast-capture function that goes from sleep to snap under one second – meaning you’ll never miss a capture-worthy moment again. This Android smartphone offers HDR imaging technology for clear, beautiful pictures - even when backlit. Natural colours even when backlit — HDR photos HDR for photos captures natural colours in any light. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an imaging technology used to capture clear photos against strong backlight. With HDR, this Bluetooth smartphone captures the same image at different exposure levels and layers them to create one optimised photo. Significantly improve battery life with Battery STAMINA Mode Smartphones use a lot of power, even when you’re not actively using them. All those apps that you have on your Android smartphone may still be running in the background, draining your battery. Battery STAMINA Mode saves you wasted battery drain. It recognises when you’re not using your display and automatically turns off the functions you don’t need, while keeping the notifications you want. As soon as you press the power button to wake up your screen, everything is up and running again. Get only the important notices With Battery STAMINA Mode, Wi-Fi and data traffic are disabled during standby, but you still receive incoming calls, texts, and alarms. And since everyone has different needs, you can easily customise which apps you want to receive push notifications from even in standby mode. Facebook notifications on or off? It’s up to you. Battery STAMINA Mode saves you wasted battery drain. It recognises when you’re not using your display. This Xperia smartphone gives you lightning-speed performance thanks to its quad-core processor. Lightning speed performance – Dual-core processor We’ve matched the latest Sony software with the powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Plus processor. This dual core processor gives your Bluetooth smartphone top performance and speed without draining your battery – run multiple apps simultaneously, surf the web with no loading time, and stream videos without a break. The Snapdragon™ S4 Plus is asynchronous, which means each core is powered up and down independently. So you get the precise amount of power when you need it, without wasting power when you don’t. Quick benefits: Super-fast performance Better battery life Improved multitasking Always loud and clear — HD Voice* HD voice*eliminates background noise to improve voice clarity. That means that you can talk normally and be heard clearly, without having to raise your voice, even in noisy environments. Now you don’t have to shout to be heard, or try to find a quiet place for your conversation.