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Toshiba HS Standard SD Card - 32 GB Memory Card

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Toshiba’s High Speed Standard SD cards are the perfect way to capture and store your memories. The series is compatible with cameras, laptops, tablets and other devices that support the SDHC™ Standard.
With up to 32GB capacities, they offer enough space for your photos, video and data and are the perfect choice for standard point-and-shoot cameras.
Toshiba High Speed Standard class 4 cards are fully compliant with the latest SD Association specification. We guarantee a minimum write and read speed of 4MB/s.

High Speed Standard
4 / 8 / 16 / 32 Read: 15 MB/s **
Write: 5 MB/s ** 4


SD CARDS SD Cards The use of portable storage solutions continues to expand rapidly. Enabling the growing demand for increasing data storage, Toshiba offers an extensive line-up of embedded NAND and digital media storage solutions such as SDXC™ and SDHC™ memory cards. Featuring unrivalled professional-level data speeds and performance, Toshiba SD cards helps you capture high-resolution photos and HD videos with its industry-leading NAND flash memory technology, which Toshiba invented in 1984. Toshiba SD cards are available in a range of capacities giving you enough space for storing your favorite photos, video, and other data on cameras, camcorders, and other SD-enabled devices such as tablets, set top boxes or gaming consoles. From everyday use to professional photo or video use, Toshiba cards deliver unrivalled speeds, a high capacity range and of course the high reliability you would expect.